What to Expect Before and After Facelift

Cosmetic procedures shouldn’t be taken lightly. The mistake of some patients up for facelift or neck lift in Los Angeles is that they don’t make the necessary preparations for the surgery. They’re oblivious of the possible risks.

Plastic surgeons don’t let their patients go under the knife if they aren’t fit for such procedures. They will definitely tell prospective patients to stop smoking and taking ibuprofen at least two weeks before the facelift.

Smoking affects blood circulation, while ibuprofen and aspirin thin the blood. These things should be avoided because they will prolong the recovery time. Surgeons generally ask their patients if they are taking medications. Certain medications, aside from the ones mentioned, can negatively impact the success of the surgery.

Anything that the surgeon says should be avoided before the surgery should be avoided.

Patients may consider taking a week long break from work, even though they can function just right 2 or 3 days after the procedure.

One day before the procedure, patients should wash their hair properly. Hair should be free from dirt or hair polishing chemicals. Patients are advised strictly not to drink the day before their facelift procedure. Another important thing is to sleep well.

Patients should go to the clinic or hospital with a companion. They should be assisted right after the surgery. They certainly cannot drive home after the procedure, because of the lingering effects of the anesthesia.

Facelift in Los Angeles takes up to 4 hours. How long the procedure takes depends on the extent of the procedure. The surgeon will give recovery guidelines to his patients. Instructions shall include post-operative care and management of pain and swelling.

The first week after the surgery is a tough time for most patients, who cannot go back to their normal routine. Their movement should be restricted. Someone has to assist them in household activities. They may even have to skip cooking and housekeeping.

Recovery is a tricky thing because it varies from person to person. Some people feel fine after a week. Some suffer from swelling for a much longer time. As swelling is normal for all facelift patients, it’s essential to know the ways to control swelling. For instance, the head should be elevated when sleeping. Ice packs can also be used to control swelling.

Patients should still keep aspirin, ibuprofen, and cigarettes away at least until two weeks after the surgery. They may go back to the clinic to have the dressings removed.

By the time the patient gets back to work, she may need to wear concealing makeup to cover the bruising and skin discoloration, which will definite clear up.


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