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Specialty Skin Care Treatments

As a renowned trained medical esthetician, Gladys has spent over 17 years studying and perfecting the skin of her elite clientele in Beverly Hills. Her knowledge and expertise comes from years of working at the most prestigious institutions and with numerous physicans. She is certified to perform the latest in depth skin care treatments with the newest skin care technology. A native of Argentina, Gladys was aware at a very young age about preserving youth and rigorous skin care regimens to have great skin. She is also well known for her ability to work with various skin types and achieve deep cleaning of the skin without causing any scarring. Her passion for skin care and customizing a skin care regimen is important in helping our patients achieve a great result. Feel free to contact Gladys with any questions at 310.850.7048.

Gladys’s Ultimate Signature Facial

This exclusive treatment is customized to the individual’s skin. It combines ultrasonic waves and galvanic current with infusion of DNA from plant extract or organic colostrums and other trademark secrets of Gladys regenerating the cells and creating a biological hydrating and firming process leaving your skin absolutely glowing. Excellent before a big event!!

  • 1 session $185
  • 4 sessions $665





Acne Treatment 
Gladys’s specialty, emphasizes on deep cleaning with ultra sound scrubber process to help loosen the sebum breaking down dead cells, oily clumps and other skin irritants making extraction less painful. Followed by high frequency and custom made mask immediate results!

  • 1 session $120
  • 4 sessions $400

Teenage Facial 
A deep cleaning treatment designed especially for teenagers with milia, comedones and acne prone skin.

  • 1 session $85
  • 4 sessions $300

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial 
This is a yummy facial. It’s a natural alternative to AHA peels. Gently dissolves dead cells followed by steaming, gentle extractions and ampoule using the galvanic current for deeper penetration. Excellent for dehydrated mature skin, leaving your skin visibly rejuvenated.

  • 1session $120
  • 4 sessions $400

Collagen Facial 
Using 100% Freeze dried collagen sheet and collagen ampoule with the help of galvanic current which will enable the collagen to penetrate into the skin for revitalize and lifting affect.

  • 1 session $120
  • 4 sessions $40

Gentleman’s Facial 
This treatment is designed for a man’s skin, deep cleaning of the pores if needed also treatment for ingrown hair after shaving and hyper pigmentation followed by a customized mask according to the individual’s skin.

  • 1 session $100
  • 4 sessions $350

From light peels to medium depth peels, Glycolic, Salicylic, Jessner. It’s non-invasive resurfacing the skin reducing fine lines and hyper pigmentation minimizes pore size and controls acne.

  • $100 to $15

Micro Peel 
Combination of microdermabrasion with Omega Peel followed with a customized mask will improve scarring, sun spots and pore size for immediate glowing results.

  • 1 session $150
  • 4 sessions $550

Please note with any glycolic or salicylic acid peeling will be extra $30 Also available back facials

Cosmolan Treatments 
Dipigmentation treatment highly effective for all skin types of hyper pigmentation including, pregnancy mask, sun spots and inflammation pigmentation from acne suitable for all skin types. Rejuvenates skin, brightens complexion, improves overall skin appearance. The best treatment for blotchy skin.

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Chemical Peel Questions

Q. What is a chemical peel?
A chemical peel is a chemical solution which can be applied to the facial skin to improve the texture and overall appearance. The chemical peel removes the damaged outer layers of skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles, facial blemishes, uneven skin pigmentation and facial scars. Chemical peels may also be used to remove pre-cancerous skin growths and control acne.

Q. Who can benefit from a chemical peel?
Men and women who are looking to improve the appearance of wrinkles, facial blemishes, uneven skin pigmentation, facial scars, acne, or pre-cancerous skin growths may be candidates for chemical peel treatment. For individuals with fine wrinkling, uneven pigmentation, acne, or dry skin, the AHA peel may provide an ideal solution. This peel can be applied in varying concentrations on a weekly basis and may even be mixed with a facial wash or cream as part of a daily skincare regimen. During the initial consultation, Dr. Kapoor will examine your skin and discuss your goals in order to determine the best treatment plan to meet your needs.

Q. What are the risks?
Complications are generally rare when the chemical peel is performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Nevertheless, there are potential risks which may include infection and scarring. As the mildest of the chemical peels, there are few risks or complications associated with the AHA peel.


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