Is Rhinoplasty Permanent?

During their consultations with Dr. Kapoor, many patients have the same question. Will the rhinoplasty (nose job) they are considering create permanent results? This is a valid and important question and the answer may surprise you.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

How important do you think it is to choose the right surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty in Los Angeles? The answer is: Very! Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries to perform. If your surgeon has poor technique, he or she could permanently disfigure your nose. Your surgeon also needs to have a level of artistic skill and a good amount of experience. A surgeon with these three qualities is more likely to give you a natural-looking result.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, when consulting a plastic surgeon you should ask how many plastic surgeries they have performed. Also, ask to see before and after photos. First a foremost, the results you see should look natural. Additionally, you should like how the patients look after surgery. This tells you that the surgeon has the same aesthetic preferences as you.

Vishal Kapoor, M.D. is a specialist in Los Angeles facial plastic surgery. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail while maintaining natural-looking results.

Protecting Your Tip Cartilage

Inexperienced or unskilled surgeons can make a big mistake. They may remove too much cartilage from the tip of your nose. To change your nose, the surgeon can move, reshape, or reinforce the cartilage. But they should actually remove very little. Removing too much tip cartilage leads to weak skeletal support. This leads to deformities which are permanent.

Reasons to Get a Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles

According to, rhinoplasty is a versatile surgery which patients choose for many reasons:

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Smooth a prominent bump in the bridge of the nose
  • Reduce the length of an over-protruding nasal tip
  • Refine the size of a bulbous nasal tip
  • Narrow a nose that is too wide for the face
  • Reduce the size of a nose that is too large
  • Restore symmetry to the nose following injury
  • Correct breathing problems by opening up blocked nasal passages

After Your Surgery

To ensure a quick and healthy recovery, follow Dr. Kappor’s instructions explicitly:

  • Wear tops that are loose, have large head-holes, or that button up. Avoid wearing tight tops or turtlenecks that you must pull over your nose.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks post-surgery. After two weeks, you can begin to build back up to your regular routine.
  • Avoid heavy chewing for the first week. The idea is to put as little strain as possible on the nasal cavity and its muscles to ensure the best results.
  • Your nose will heal over weeks and months after surgery. Avoid going out in the sun and if you do, always wear sunscreen on your nose and face. This will help you avoid dark scars and other discoloration.

But Will a “Good” Rhinoplasty Be Permanent?

After the initial post-surgical bruising and swelling go away, you will see improvement. Some residual swelling can last for up to a year, though other people may not notice it. While the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery says the results are permanent, there are some reasons why you might want to revisit your surgeon in time.

As your body ages, it is natural to have some gradual changes to your face– including your nose. But most changes to your nose should be relatively permanent.

This means that as your natural face changes over time, so will your new nose. And, you may become unhappy with the way your nose changes. If you are, contact your surgeon for a new rhinoplasty consultation.

Dr. Kapoor is a premier cosmetic surgeon in LA. To find out more about scheduling a rhinoplasty in Los Angeles with Dr. Kapoor, contact his office today.

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