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Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. “Rhino" is the Greek word for nose. This surgery will reduce or increase the size of the nose or change its shape and angle. Rhinoplasty will also remove a bump, fix a deviated septum, and narrow the width of the nostrils. Dr. Kapoor also sees nose job patients wishing to correct a birth defect or injury. A nose job patient varies in age from as young as 15 years old to 65 years old. Men and women of all ages often want to improve the appearance and function of their nose. These patients are the most common candidates for nose job surgery.

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Today we don’t have to live with the nose we were born with. For whatever reason, people are often unsatisfied with the look of their nose. Seeing as how it takes up valuable real estate in the center of your face, it’s an important thing to be happy with. You can fix the following with rhinoplasty Los Angeles surgery:

  • Straighten a crooked nose;
  • Smooth out a prominent bump on the bridge of the nose;
  • Reduce the length of an over-protruding nasal tip;
  • Refine the size of a bulbous nasal tip;
  • Narrow a nose that is too wide for the face;
  • Reduce the size of a nose that is too big;
  • Restore symmetry to the nose after an injury;
  • Open up blocked nasal passages.

It is important for anyone considering rhinoplasty surgery to have realistic expectations. Perfection is not always possible. Nose job surgery can be beneficial for many reasons. Facial surgery is a very personal choice. Scheduling a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Kapoor is your first step. This will help to determine if a nose job in Los Angeles is right for you.

Dr. Kapoor performs rhinoplasty surgery onsite. The surgery takes place at a state-of-the-art AAAHC-certified facility. You can read about The Beverly Hills Wellness Surgery Center by clicking here. All surgical times vary depending on the complexity of the case. Rhinoplasty takes one to two hours to finish. General anesthesia is the most common method of sedation for your operation. Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation is not recommended for rhinoplasty surgery.

Are you looking for the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles? Dr. Kapoor stands in high regard with his patients. Aside from being a skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Kapoor listens to each patient’s needs.

What Happens in a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

For some patients, a nose job will take place from the inside of your nose. Dr. Kapoor will make incisions on the interior of your nose. Plastic surgeons in Los Angeles refer to this as a “closed rhinoplasty". After incisions, the skin of the nose gets separated from the underlying framework. This area consists of bone and cartilage. The desired result of your surgery will happen by reshaping this nasal area.

Next, Dr. Kapoor re-drapes the exterior skin of your nose over the new shape. He sutures everything into place so it heals. After your nose job surgery, you will have a stint on the outside of your nose. For some, a cotton or soft plastic splint gets placed inside your nostrils.

Nose Job Results

With any surgery, the first 24 to 72 hours are often the most uncomfortable for all patients. You will be puffy and swollen these first few days. During this time, your nose might ache and cause you to have a headache. It is important you remain in bed with your head elevated during the first few days after surgery. Any post-surgical discomfort will dissipate with medication.

For patients that have nasal packing during surgery, it is often taken out after a few days. You might experience sporadic bleeding for several days. Many patients express they feel stuffy for several weeks. Dr. Kapoor reminds patients that your nose underwent a big change. Discomfort is normal. You should try to avoid blowing your nose for at least a week so healing progresses.

Swelling and bruising, particularly around your eyes are normal. It may get worse during the first few days after your nose surgery. The majority of swelling and bruising fades within the two-week mark. Bruising tends to lighten and move down your face as you heal. Interior swelling that is unnoticeable may remain for a couple of months. After the two week period, your dressings, splints, and sutures get removed.

Rhinoplasty Los Angeles Recovery

After the first two days, most patients are up on their feet and moving around. You can go back to work or attend school after the first week. Dr. Kapoor asks you to avoid any and all strenuous activities during your nose job recovery. Why you might ask? When your heart rate increases your blood pressure will rise. This often causes swelling.

It is also important you avoid the sun and rubbing your nose. Do you remember trying not to scratch when you had the chickenpox? This is what we tell patients with nose job surgery. You have to avoid scratching or touching your nose. When you wash your face and hair make sure you are as gentle as possible.

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Common Rhinoplasty Questions

Q. Who benefits from nose job surgery?
If you know that perfection is not possible with any plastic surgery procedure you are on the right track. Men and women of all ages that want a better-looking nose are candidates. As well as those who desire to have a nose that functions better. A nose job in Los Angeles makes many patients feel more attractive. But it isn’t for everyone. Is your nose damaged because of an injury or since birth? Do you feel it doesn’t look normal? You may suffer from a deviated septum. Deviated means out of place. And your septum is the area that separates your nostrils. Rhinoplasty Los Angeles facilitates better breathing for some patients. This makes it easier to sleep, run, swim, and engage in other activities. For some, it enhances their sense of smell.

Q. Are there risks with a rhinoplasty?
All surgery, elective or non-elective involves risk. This is why you want to choose a skilled and well trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Kapoor. Experience is key to a successful nose job result. All surgery carries a risk of infection, nosebleed, or a bad reaction to anesthesia. There are instances of small blood vessels bursting inside your nose after surgery. Tiny red spots may be visible on the surface of your skin. For some patients, this is short lived and for others, it lasts much longer.

Q. What is the next step?
First, schedule your consultation with Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Kapoor. This is the best way to get answers to all your questions about nose job surgery. He will ask you what you want your new nose to look like. You will look at pictures of various nose sizes and shapes. Before and after photos are an excellent way to see real patients with real results. Dr. Kapoor reminds anyone who wants a new nose that there are limits to what surgery will do for you. The structure of your nasal bones, cartilage, size and shape of your face all factor into your results. With nose surgery, the thickness of your nasal skin is a big factor as well. Dr. Kapoor wants you to have realistic expectations with results you will love. Please schedule your consultation with our office today by calling (310) 321-4710.


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