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Facial Fat Grafting Los Angeles

When you look in the mirror, do you wish that your face still had the fullness and liveliness of your youth but do not want to have facial surgery and are wary of how dermal fillers may affect your face and skin? A lot of people want to battle the sign of aging in a natural way- resorting to natural facial creams and lotions, eating right, and exercising- but those activities and products can only do so much to stave off the natural effects of aging and restore what gives faces their youthfulness: facial fat that give people a full, healthy face. As people get older, they will naturally begin to lose facial (fat) volume, resulting in faces that look like they have sunken eyes and cheeks- giving their faces an aged appearance.

If you’d like to restore your face’s youthful nature and appearance, then read on to find out more about how facial fat grafting can naturally help your face look as young and lively as you feel! Dr. Kapoor is a well renowned Los Angeles plastic surgeon known for delivering beautiful results for his patients.

What Is Facial Fat Grafting?

Although its name might sound like a description of a facial liposuction procedure, facial fat grafting is actually a cosmetic procedure that utilizes liposuction to transfer fat from various parts of the body where it is not wanted and inject it into predetermined sites on your face to optimally bring about a facial contour and fullness that looks youthful and vibrant. Common areas on the body on which liposuction is performed, in order to collect fat for transfer are:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Back

After the fat has been carefully liposuctioned from your abdomen, thighs, back, or another area of the body, it will then be purified and injected into optimized, predetermined sites on the patient’s face. The amount of fat that is needed for facial fat grafting is significantly less than what is taken out during a traditional liposuction; therefore the liposuction used during facial fat grafting procedures is very minimal and not likely to cause any kind of body contour alterations.

The goal of facial fat grafting is too smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles as well as to add volume to facial areas where the presence of fat has visibly decreased, usually around the eyes and on the cheeks- all without the use of invasive surgical procedures. In essence, facial fat grafting is a facial rejuvenation surgery or facelift without the “surgery” aspect.

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Why Get Facial Fat Grafting?

Facial fact grafting is widely considered one of the alternatives to facelift procedures. Facial fat grafting avoids the “stretched-out” look of facelifts since it does not involve taking anything away from the face, but rather, adding volume to the face, resulting in a more natural look and feel than facelifts are able to provide.

For most people, browsing through old photographs of themselves will make it quite obvious that after wrinkles, the most common sign of age is the loss of youthful volume that cannot naturally be regained since the loss of facial fat and skin elasticity is an innate, unavoidable part of the aging process.

Although dermal fillers function much like facial fat grafting, some patients may not want to be injected by synthetic or “natural” materials (“Natural” here means that the chemicals used in dermal fillers may naturally exist in the human body, but are still synthesized from other chemicals in a lab). Although it is very rare, there is a chance that a patient can have an allergic reaction to certain dermal fillers.

Another advantage of facial fat grafting over dermal fillers is that they tend to last 5-7 years before needing a touch-up, whereas dermal fillers only last about 1-2 years before needing a touch-up. Facial fat grafting is also advantageous in the sense that the fat used during facial fat grafting is your own, natural fat, meaning that it will age with you as you age, but dermal fillers on the other hand will not age naturally with you, potentially causing unnaturally-looking results down the line.

However, dermal fillers are often recommended over facial fat grafting for patients who only need very minimal volume added to their faces in order to bring about the desired results. For patients who need more facial volume addition and contouring, the facial fat grafting procedure is likely to bring about the most optimal results.


Facial Fat Grafting Recovery & Results

Due to the very minimal nature of facial fat grafting in Los Angeles, recovery from the procedure is quick and virtually painless. Almost all patients can return to work and their daily routines immediately following the procedure, with no downtime needed. Some bruising may occur after the procedure, although all patients should be fully recovered within 3 days of the procedure with full results being realized about a month after the procedure- after the fat transfer has had a chance to settle in and completely blend with its surroundings.

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