Don’t Like the Way Your Butt Looks? Change It!

As humans, we are constantly judging ourselves and wondering if we can be better. While it’s natural to feel self-conscious occasionally, some people struggle to maintain confidence when a part of them is making them feel unhappy. The decision to change your body for the better is yours and yours alone, and it should be an empowering experience no matter what motivating factors drove you towards your decision. When researching cosmetic surgery, you may have come across the phrase “BBL”. What is a BBL?

At the office of Dr. Kapoor, a Beverly Hills Board-Certified plastic surgeon, we see patients who express unhappiness with their backsides. This is why we offer a variety of proactive solutions to help restore that confidence and bring out that inner beauty.

One of our most popular procedures is the Brazilian butt lift. It’s a highly successful option for those who are unhappy with the way their butt looks naturally.

What is a BBL?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available to those who are looking to change the look, shape, or feel of their butt is the Brazilian butt lift. This is a surgical procedure that can enhance the look of the buttocks through natural roundness and resizing opportunities.

It’s a restorative procedure in that it harvests fat from other parts of the body to create the ideal shape for your new butt. This means that our patients must already have a bit of fat on them that can be taken in order to form the new butt. A lot of patients prefer this procedure to implants, as it offers a more natural solution that does not rely on the withering shape of silicone.

Many patients also invest in liposuction beforehand to get the fat ready for harvesting. These procedures go hand in hand and can not only help to reshape your butt but give your all-around figure a better look and feel.

What are the Expectations?

If you’re unhappy with your butt, we want you to feel empowered to change it whenever and however you see fit. This means that you want a natural and full-looking butt with no implants. There are a couple of requirements in order to be fit for candidacy:

  • You must be in healthy shape and weight, but with some fat available
  • Must be able to avoid sitting on your butt for up to three weeks after the procedure
  • Have good skin in the butt area to enhance the look of your new behind
  • Meet other health or financial requirements set by Dr. Kapoor

We can work with you to establish a plan and time frame that works best for you. More than anything, we want you to have this possibility no matter what.

Recovery Tips

Getting surgery can require a lot of prep work and a lot of research on expectations. According to ISAPS, you need to know that you will be down for the count for quite a while. Make sure to get some time off cleared from your workplace, and get everything prepared for your rest.

Due to the nature of the procedure and the way your new butt is shaped, you won’t be able to sit down flat on your butt for a few weeks. You need to rest in other positions. The recovery time is the biggest hurdle that our patients must overcome; however, after your downtime, you will feel better and more confident than ever before.

What is a BBL and Where Can You Get One?

Don’t like your butt? Change it! Make it better! That’s what our team is here for. Through Brazilian butt lifts and other butt enhancement procedures, you can achieve the shape of your dreams in no time. As long as you are healthy and you are aware of the recovery time post-surgery, you are more than prepared for this surgery. Our staff is excited to schedule a consultation with you and develop a plan for your new butt. To learn more, please contact us online or give us a call at (310) 321-4710. We look forward to seeing you!


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