Nipple and Areola Reduction

Being embarrassed by less-than-optimally shaped and sized nipples and areolas is not limited to women- increasingly, men have been becoming more self-conscious about the appearance of their nipples and areolas, with more and more men and women considering nipple reduction and/or areola surgery to alter the appearance of their nipples and areolas to that which brings them more self-confidence and a renewed self-image. Trust your nipple reduction surgery with top Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Kapoor.

What Is Nipple (Areola) Reduction Surgery?

Nipple reduction is a surgical cosmetic procedure designed to correct nipples that are too large- either length-wise or width-wise- or nipples that have drooped or become elongated due to the effects of time, age, and gravity. There are some cases in which nipple reduction can also correct any deformity of the nipple that occurred from an unsavory breast augmentation procedure.

Areola surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure designed to correct unfavorable appearances of the areola and to reduce the size of areolas that are too large. Although some areolas are larger or shaped the way that they are due to genetics or a congenital defect, a good number of women get larger areolas from being pregnant and subsequently breastfeeding their child or children.

The purpose of both procedures is to bring about a balanced, more aesthetically-pleasing look to the patient’s nipples, areolas, and overall breast profile.

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What Makes A Good Nipple Reduction Surgery Candidate?

If you feel self-conscious from, are bothered by, or have difficulty breast feeding because of:

  • A larger-than-average nipple
  • A larger-than-average areola
  • An inverted nipple
  • Asymmetrical nipples or areolas

Then, as long as you are in average health, you are a good candidate for nipple reduction and/or areola surgery in Los Angeles.

Although some nipples and areolas are larger-than-average, nipples are inverted, and nipples and areolas are asymmetrical due to congenital or genetic reasons and factors, a good number of women notice unfavorable changes to their nipples and areolas after they have breastfed their child or children. Other women experience unattractive cosmetic changes to their nipples and areolas because of breast cancer or the mastectomies used to battle breast cancer. Drastic fluctuations in weight have also been known to cause disruptions to the natural appearance of nipples and areolas.

What Should You Expect During Surgery

During a nipple reduction, the cosmetic surgeon will begin by making a tiny incision on the nipple with which to remove excess nipple tissue and skin. After a satisfactory amount of nipple and skin tissue has been removed so that the patient’s desired outcome can be created, the incision is sutured and gauze is placed over the incision site.

During an areola reduction surgery, two concentric incisions, one larger than the other, will be made around the nipple on the areola. The cosmetic surgeon will remove the “donut-shaped” ring of excess areola tissue and skin that lies in between the two concentric incisions that were made. After checking to make sure that enough areola tissue and skin has been removed- creating the reduction in areola size that the patient desires- the surgeon will suture up the incision and then place post-op surgical gauze over the incision sites to promote effective healing.

Because the nipple is left attached to the milk ducts and its blood supply during both nipple reduction and areola surgery, the woman’s ability to breastfeed after either procedure will not be affected.

What To Expect During Recovery

Almost all areola reduction surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, meaning patients are able to return home the same day as their procedures. To manage any post-op discomfort or pain- although nipple reduction and areola surgery procedures are often associated with quick recoveries involving minimal pain- the cosmetic surgeon may prescribe pain medications, and in order to prevent any infections from forming, antibiotics will be given to patients. The patient will be expected to wear a post-surgical bra the first couple of weeks after the procedure in order to provide the breasts, nipples, and areolas with structural support to promote more efficient healing.

There will likely be post-op bruising and swelling around the nipples, areolas, and breasts, but that is to be expected, and usually fades away within a couple of weeks. Any tingling or numbness of the nipple and areola areas is also expects and should fade away during this time as well. Of course, if any other cosmetic breast surgical procedures, such as the breast augmentation or the breast lift, was performed in conjunction with the nipple reduction and areola surgery, then recovery times will be longer, bruising and swelling will take longer to reduce, and any discomfort or pain will take longer to go away.

Most people find that they feel well enough to go back to work and resume the majority of their normal activities a few days to a week after the procedure. Neither heavy lifting nor strenuous activities and exercise are recommended until at least two or three weeks have passed since the nipple reduction and/or areola surgery in Los Angeles.

Undergoing nipple reduction or areola surgery usually does not compromise the woman’s ability to breastfeed. Full results- all swelling and bruising have dissipated and all post-op scarring has completely healed- will most likely not be realized until a couple of months after the procedure. In order to ensure a fast recovery that is as painless as possible, follow any and all specific post-surgical recovery instructions given by your cosmetic surgeon.

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