Body Lift Procedure

What Is A Body Lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure that is used to tone, shape, and enhance certain areas of the body such as the abdominals, breasts, thighs, buttocks, and arms. In essence, the body lift combines two or more specific cosmetic surgical procedures to help the patient achieve a body that is firmer, contoured, and more aesthetically-pleasing.

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Each patient has different desires and expectations from a body lift- one patient may be concerned with the way his or her upper body has responded to massive weight loss and another patient may have almost all of their excess, loose skin on the lower region of his or her body.

The procedures that involve the upper half of the body is typically referred to as the “upper body lift” and the procedures that involve the lower half of the body is commonly called the “lower body lift”. Upper body lift procedures include the breast lift, the arm lift, and liposuction to upper body areas. Lower body lift procedures include the tummy tuck, the breast lift, the tight lift, the (Brazilian) butt lift, and liposuction to lower body areas. When both upper body and lower body lift procedures are combined, it is known as the “total body lift”.

Whether a patient desires an upper body lift, a lower body lift, or a total body lift, the ultimate goal of the body lift is to eliminate extra, loose, sagging skin all over the body in order to create a tighter, leaner body silhouette.

While weight loss usually tends to result in a leaner, more contoured body- that is not always the case, especially when one has gone through extreme weight loss within a short amount of time. Quite often when an obese person undergoes a weight loss procedure, such as a gastric bypass procedure, they will find that they are able to quickly shed their excess weight after the procedure, but not their excess, loose skin that results from rapid weight loss.

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Why Is A Body Lift Beneficial After Weight Loss?

When a person gains weight, their skin and tissues on various parts of the body will stretch and elongate to accommodate the gain in mass and size. As long as the person hasn’t gained weight to the point of being obese and as long as the person does not undergo rapid weight loss, the stretched skin and tissue should pretty much bounce back, avoiding the formation of any loose, excess skin.

However, in the case the person was obese and has undergone weight loss, especially rapid weight loss via weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass, there is a great chance that he or she will develop loose, excess skin on areas of the body that have experienced the rapid weight loss, creating the cosmetic need for body contouring in Los Angeles.

This occurs because skin and tissue that has been stretched out too much and for too long will lose their elasticity. Take, for example, a rubber band: the more stretched a rubber band is and the longer a rubber band is stretched the more its elasticity is affected, meaning that the rubber band loses its ability to be the taunt, compact rubber band it once was. The same concept is true for the skin and tissues of the human body.

For people who lost a vast amount of weight in order to not only be healthier, but to look better as well will most likely be dismayed when they realize that on top of their new, slender body exists a layer of loose, excess skin that prevents them from showing off their new bodies. For people like this, the body contouring and excess skin eliminating ability of the body lift is highly beneficial for not just their body image, but their confidence as well.

Although a body lift is basically an aesthetic body contouring, for people who have undergone massive weight loss in a short amount of time will notice that the extra folds of skin that have developed around their body have the tendency to continuously create infections and irritations because the folds of skin prevent air circulation in those areas, creating an ideal environment for yeast growth. For these people, a plastic surgery after weight loss becomes a medical necessity rather than a cosmetic procedure.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Body Lift?

People who desire a body lift in Los Angeles should already be at or very near their ideal body weight; the outcomes of plastic surgery procedures on overweight people are poorer than the outcome of plastic surgery on people of average weight, and the higher the weight, the more potential that complications will arise during any surgical procedure. The body lift is not meant to be a weight loss procedure, nor should it be viewed as such- it is to help people aesthetically alter body parts that are less than flattering rather than to eliminate the presence of excessive fat that could otherwise be lost through diet and exercise.

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