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Have you been eating correctly and exercising each and every day, and yet, no matter how hard you try, certain areas of your body simply will not achieve the muscle tone that you desire? It may be through no fault of your own that you are unable to gain the muscle mass and tone that you’d like- aging and genetics play a big role in how well your body is able to gain muscle tone.

If you find yourself rigorously exercising only to produce little to no desired results in targeted areas, the body implant procedure may very well be just what you need! Dr. Kapoor is a leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon renowned for providing beautiful, natural looking results for his patients.

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What Are Body Implants?

Body implants are implants made of a cohesive, firm-but-soft silicone material typically used during surgical cosmetic procedures that can be placed in front of muscle and bone without being absorbed into the body. Body implants that are used by licensed, board-certified plastic surgeons have been approved by the FDA and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit each individual patient’s body type.

Although the most common use for body implants is for surgical cosmetic procedures, body implants can be used to correct medical, genetic deformities as well as cosmetic injuries caused by accidents to various parts of the body in order to help make those areas look more natural and proportionate.

The most common types of body implants are calf implants, buttock implants, and pectoral implants.

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What Are Calf Implants?

Calf implants are used during cosmetic and medical calf augmentation procedures in order to bring about calves that are fuller and more muscular-looking. Calf implants can also be used to fix imbalances of calf proportions between the right calf and the left calf.

The majority of patients who desire calf implants are those who have religiously exercised in the hopes of developing the visible muscular structure of their calves, but have found that no amount of hard work will calf muscle toning and development that they desire. Almost all the patients who seek a calf implant procedure are males who have calves that do not satisfactorily respond to weight lifting and training.

Depending on the results that the patient desires, two calf implants may be used in the same leg. During a calf implant procedure, an incision to the back of the calf, right below the knee, is made. Once the incision has been made, the cosmetic surgeon will create a pocket directly below the fascia (the fibrous covering of muscles) but above the calf muscle. This pocket is made just big enough that the calf implant or implants will fit snugly within the leg, but not too tightly. After inserting the calf implants, the surgeon will secure the implants in place and will make sure that the outer shape and contouring of the calf is satisfactory before closing the incision with stitches and applying a dressing.

Immediately following a calf implant procedure, most patients will be instructed to stay in bed with their legs elevated- and to only walk to the bathroom and for sort-distances with support- in order to minimize swelling and discomfort. After a couple of days, the dressings are removed and the patient is encouraged to walk around more vigorously to help their legs become accustomed to the implants as well as stretch out the legs and discourage them from getting stiff. Usually by two-to-three weeks after the procedure, the patient can walk around more-or-less normally.

It typically takes patients a full-week after their calf implants in Los Angeles to get back to their jobs and normal routines, with bruising and swelling typically disappearing by the second or third week. It is recommended that patients refrain from vigorous activities and exercise (except walking) for the first four-six weeks after their calf implant procedure.

What Are Buttock Implants?

Buttock implants, also known as “gluteal implants”, are implants that are used during cosmetic and medical buttock augmentation procedures in order to bring about buttocks that are fuller, rounder, and more-toned. The buttocks region is known to be one of the more difficult areas on the body to make more toned and contoured in a manner than the patient desires through diet and exercise alone. As long as you are in average physical shape and health, you are a good candidate for buttock implants in Los Angeles.

Buttock implants are inserted into each of the patient’s buttocks through a 2-3 inch incision made above the tailbone, following the midline. More recently, incisions made in the crease where the cheeks of the buttocks meet the thigh have been gaining popularity; however most patients still prefer the former incision since any post-op scarring will be highly discrete on that area.

Depending on the patient’s desired results, the implants are placed either within the gluteus maximus (the buttock muscle) in a pocket created by the cosmetic surgeon or between the gluteus maximus and the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles). When implants are placed within the gluteus maximus, the upper buttock region is made fuller, and when implants are placed between the gluteus maxiumus and the fascia, the lower buttock region is made fuller.

The plastic surgeon will close the incisions with stitches and place a compression garment around the buttock region to reduce swelling and bruising once he has checked that the implants have been positioned correctly and in such a way that the buttocks have been optimally adjusted. Most patients are able to go home the same day they get their buttock implants, with prescribed antibiotics to ward off infections and medications to help ease any discomfort or pain. For the first few days, only minimal walking is recommended in order to prevent blood clots.

The majority of patients will get their compression garments removed 2-3 days after the procedure and find that they are able to move around more normally within a week. Most bruising and swelling should subside within ten days. Full activities and exercising is not recommended until at least four weeks after the procedure. Full and final results may not be realized until 6 months after the procedure.

What Are Pectoral Implants?

Pectoral implants are used during cosmetic and medical pectoral augmentation procedures in order to bring about a pectoral area that enhances the appearance of the pectoral region by making them look larger and more muscular.

The great majority of patients who undergo pectoral implant procedures are males who have attempted diet and exercise to naturally create a more muscular, larger pectoral area but found that they are unable to get the desired results in this manner no matter how hard they try. Males who are in this situation and in average health are good candidates for pectoral implants .

At the onset of the procedure, a 5-6cm incision is made on the both sides of the pectoral region, in the area between the areola and the underarm. The plastic surgeon will then create a pocket underneath the pectoralis major (the pectoral muscle) where the pectoral implant will be placed. After making sure that the pectoral implants have been placed in the most optimal place to bring about the most aesthetically-pleasing pectoral region on the patient, the plastic surgeon will close the muscle lining and incisions with sutures and place a compression garment on the area to reduce swelling and bruising.

Most patients are allowed to go home an hour or two after getting their pectoral implants in Los Angeles, with instructions to not lift their arms for the next couple of days. The majority of patients find that they are able to return to work and resume their normal activities within 1-2 weeks following the procedure, with most of the bruising and swelling that has resulted from the procedure fading away during this time. Excessive physical activities and exercising should be held off until at least four weeks after the procedure.

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