Arm Lift Procedure

Embarrassed by your flabby upper arms? Are you reluctant to wear short-sleeved shirts because of the way your upper arms look? Become more confident in showing off your arms with an arm lift. You can trust Dr. Kapoor with your procedure- known for one of the best plastic surgery center in Los Angeles has to offer.

What Is An Arm Lift?

An arm lift or arm tuck– or as it is technically known, brachioplasty- is a surgical cosmetic procedure designed to eliminate excess skin from a patient’s upper arms in order to bring about a more tighter, contoured, youthful look to the upper arms. The arm lift is typically accompanied by liposuction to the upper arms if there is the presence of extra upper arm fat as well as excessive upper arm skin.

Depending on the amount of excess skin and/or fat that needs to be removed from the upper arms, the “mini” arm lift or the standard arm lift is used.

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What Are The Differences Between A “Mini” Arm Lift And A Standard Arm Lift?

The standard arm lift is used on patients who have enough excessive skin and fat on their upper arms to result in a “bat wing”-like profile to their arms. In other words, patients who have obvious, very visible signs of sagging and loss of muscle tone and skin volume to their upper arms would most likely benefit from the standard arm lift.

The standard arm lift utilizes an incision that spans from the top of the elbow to the armpit, either on the inner side of the arm or the outer side of the arm, depending on a combination of the patient’s body type and incision placement preference as well as the surgeon’s own preference.

For patients who require only a minimal amount of excessive fat and skin removal in order to bring about the desired results would likely need just a “mini” arm lift, which is essentially the same as a standard arm lift, but requires a smaller incision, one that is hidden within the fold of the armpit.

What Happens During An Arm Lift Procedure?

During a brachioplasty , after the patient has been put under with general anesthesia, the surgeon will make a predetermined incision on your upper arm area- either to the underside of your arm pit in the case of the mini arm lift or along your upper arm from your elbow to your armpit in the case of the standard arm lift. If there is extra upper arm fat that needs to be removed in order to create the shape and tautness that the patient desires, the cosmetic surgeon will treat the targeted areas with liposuction.

Once any necessary liposuction has been performed, the underlying muscle and supportive tissue structures are internally reshaped and tightened using sutures. After the necessary tightening has taken place, excess outer upper arm skin is removed and smoothed out to create a tighter, more aesthetically-pleasing shape to the arms. When all the necessary surgical adjustments have been made, the cosmetic surgeon will close up the incisions with sutures or stitches.

Arm Lift Procedure

What To Expect During Arm Lift Recovery

The stitches or sutures that were used to close the incisions during the arm lift procedure will be removed 1-2 weeks after the procedure. In order to minimize swelling, a compression garment or bandages may be applied to the upper arm. The cosmetic surgeon will drain any excess fluids that have accumulated.

The patient’s arm will be swollen and bruised immediately following the procedure, with some mild discomfort and pain that can be managed with pain medications. Most post-op swelling should subside within two to three days of the procedure, with most or all swelling disappearing in two weeks.

Most patients find that they are able to get back to their job and regular, daily routines within a couple of weeks. It is recommended, however, that any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting be put off until at least four to six weeks after the procedure.

Specific post-op instructions for the patient that are provided by cosmetic surgeon may be different according to each patient and the extent of the arm lift that was performed, but generally include instructions to the timeframe of when to change bandages, how and when to take any medications that have been prescribed, and when you should return for follow-up visits.

Am I A Candidate For An Arm Lift?

Arm lift procedures can be performed on a variety of patients- from patients who need very little tightening of the skin or removal of extra fat to patients who have enough excessive upper arm skin and fat to create a “bat wing”- like appearance to the underside of their upper arms.

The great majority of patients who desire an arm lift are those who have recently undergone massive weight loss and are now at a stable weight but with excess, loose skin on their upper arms that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise alone. However, the arm lift should not be used as an alternative to diet and exercise- the arm lift will only bring about the best, desired results when the patient is already at or near their ideal body weight.

If you desire tighter, more youthful-looking arms and are neither overweight nor suffering from a serious medical condition, visit a board-certified plastic surgeon today to learn more about how a brachioplasty in Los Angeles can give you the upper arms that you desire!

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