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Mommy Makeover Los Angeles

If you are a lucky woman, you body will simply bounce back after giving birth to a child, with minimal to no effort in terms of dieting or exercising. BUT, chances are, you are like the majority of women who find it difficult to get their bodies back to where they were before pregnancy and childbirth. And a good number of these women will find that no matter how hard they try, there will be certain parts of their bodies they simply refuse to be restored back to their original form, despite dieting obsessively and exercising daily.

Women trust Dr. Kapoor for providing one of the best plastic surgery Beverly Hills has to offer with beautiful, natural looking results.

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If that last sentence describes you and what you are going through, don’t fret! The Mommy Makeover is here to help bring your postpartum body back to its former glory!

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to restore, and in some cases, even improve upon, a woman’s body’s physical appearance after she has given birth to a child or children. The Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills can be composed of one or more different surgical cosmetic procedures to bring about the alterations that the patient desires. Some common surgical cosmetic procedures used during a Mommy Makeover are:

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Why Women Want The Mommy Makeover

Although being a mother can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, pregnancy and the childrearing responsibilities that come afterwards tend to cause unwanted effects on a woman’s body.

For almost all women, breastfeeding will cause the breasts to eventually sag and decrease in volume, once she stops producing milk. And for a good majority of women, they will find that no matter how hard they try to properly diet and exercise, extra fat and skin that they didn’t have on their pre-pregnancy bodies- typically around the abdominals, thighs, and hips- simply refuse to go away.

When breasts sag and decrease in volume, there is virtually nothing a woman can do on her own to restore the shape and fullness of her pre-pregnancy breasts. But a breast lift and breast augmentation are procedures that can make your breasts look and feel like they once did, and in some cases, can enhance them even further!

And certain areas on a post-pregnancy body will have stubborn excessive fat and skin that will continue to remain despite diligent dieting and exercise. This is due to the fact that certain areas of the woman’s body will be stretched and altered, especially the abdominals, during the course of the pregnancy, causing the muscles and skin there to lose its elasticity due to the prolonged stretching. After most women give birth, these areas of the body will have permanently lost some of their elasticity, making it near impossible for a woman to naturally return to her pre-pregnancy figure without a tummy tuck and/or liposuction to the areas of her body that pregnancy has caused the most stubborn changes.

Are You A Candidate For A Mommy Makeover?

The best candidates for a Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles are women who are already at a stable weight, who have already lost enough pounds through diet and exercise to be very near their pre-pregnancy weight before their Mommy Makeover procedure. Also, women should wait until they are completely finished breastfeeding before getting a Mommy Makeover procedure.

It is highly recommended that women wait until they are sure that they are not planning on having any more children before undergoing a Mommy Makeover, especially one that involves a tummy tuck procedure because the abdominal muscles that have been sutured up during the tummy tuck will likely re-separate in the case of an additional pregnancy or pregnancies.

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