Top Five Food Options for Healthy Breasts

Women who consider getting larger and more feminine looking breasts are always contemplating a number of things before undergoing breast augmentation. Before patients choose between silicone breast implants or saline implants they find themselves wondering about what type of food to eat to maintain healthy breasts.   First, it is best to meet with the top plastic surgeon Beverly Hills has to offer and discuss your options for breast surgery. … Continue reading

Reveal Your Washboard Abdominals with Liposuction

With summer sun knocking on our door the one thing we all want is that toned and lean figure to show off on the beach. After all the dieting and exercising you still find your midsection and thighs carrying more flab than you expected. With more and more people fighting against obesity, patients realize that stubborn pockets of fat are likely due to genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress and lack of … Continue reading

Your Big Ticket to Resolving Breathing Problems with Rhinoplasty

Many of us are already in the know, but allergy season is upon us and breathing problems are not taken lightly especially in the world of rhinoplasty. When a patient expresses that their airways are too narrow or blocked it is vital to take steps in correcting airways, lungs and other troubled areas. Plenty of patients find that the majority of their issues lies within their nose. The great news … Continue reading

Fight Belly Fat with Healthy Fats and Tummy Tuck

We all have that urgency to get a flat and toned belly just in time for summer, and the good news is that researchers are listening and finding new ways to help Beverly Hills and Los Angeles consumers achieve their goals. Take a good look at your diet and what will you find? You probably see a lot of unhealthy fat choices, which is the reason why our bodies harvest … Continue reading

Dynamic and Static Wrinkles: Understanding Premature Aging Signs

As people naturally age, we all develop facial lines and dreaded wrinkles, but we are still puzzled about the latest treatments available to reverse aging signs. But, many of us do not know the differences of facial wrinkles and how to go about treating them, so to help we are sharing some vital information to help you understand the effects of dynamic and static wrinkles. The most common aging signs … Continue reading